How to Avoid Truck Transmission Problems

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The entire world of trucking is changing thanks to a single invention called the truck transmission. This component has saved truck drivers countless hours of crawling through mountain trails and swerving through busy cities, all because it allows the driver to drive in one gear (or both) at any given time. If you’ve never seen … Read more

Different Types of Car Transmissions

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Put simply, a car transmission, also known as a vehicle’s gearbox, is a gearbox that controls the cards transmission. It is about similar to the bicycle chain and gear-changing mechanism that bikes use. These parts are usually housed directly under the motor so that their gear-changing mechanism and belt can efficiently convert the exhaust combustion … Read more

Timing of an Oil Change For Your Car

Timing of an Oil Change For Your Car

Why do we need an occasional oil change? First, regular oil lubricates all of the moving parts in your engine, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Second, it also helps prevent your vehicle from overheating (which causes your engine to smoke up the road!) by reducing friction, moving the cooling fluids, absorbing byproducts of combustion, and … Read more

Summer Maintenance Tips

Here are seven summer maintenance needs you should be paying attention to this summer. First, inspect your AC units after every season of use, to make sure they are still in good operating order. Then, spend so much time cleaning houses and washing hands that you forget to check the air conditioner. With a clean … Read more

Semi Truck Transmission Basics

There are two types of transmissions: synchronized and non-synchronized. In this particular article, we will go over both the major semi truck transmission categories. That way, you have a better understanding of the major gearbox types for commercial trucks. In addition, we will discuss automatic and manual transmissions. It is very important that you know … Read more

Brief Description About Car Transmission

What exactly is a car transmission? Put simply, a car transmission (or transmission as it is commonly referred to) is a vehicle’s gearbox. It is about comparable to the bicycle’s chain and gear-changing gearbox, which mean that they are both mounted on the same motorcycle. These parts are always permanently mounted directly onto the transmission … Read more

Why You Should Change Your Oil on a Regular Basis

Although there are many fluids and oils in modern automobiles, few people who discuss an oil change are talking about the transmission oil. Designed to cool and lubricate moving engine components like cylinder heads, bearings, pistons and other moving parts, transmission oil is essential to a car s ability to function properly. The fluid inside … Read more

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